Best Stockings/Pantyhose for Women, Tested by Experts

Stockings are a staple for every summer and winter wardrobe, but sometimes they can drive you crazy. There’s nothing worse than noticing a run on a new pair of stockings, fussing with a waistband that just won’t stay put or pulling up sagging tights every few minutes. That’s why it’s crucial to find a pair that’s comfortable, good looking and made to last. But with so many options on the market, it can feel next to impossible to find the right option. So we've came up with the best tights stockings in the market which is a perfect combination of stretch and compression and with amazing combination of fabrics making it way more comfortable and breathable.
We  put more than 30 styles to the test, evaluating them in the Lab for stretch recovery, snag resistance, bursting strength at the seams and washability. We also had consumer testers wear them in real life to give feedback on comfort, waistband-rolling, snagging, running, stretching out and more. The picks below are top performers from our test and newer styles with rave reviews with options for everyone. The best part: our tests proved that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get high quality tights. 

Our Top Pick : TTP's Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings Pantyhose

These tights, are our best value pick, outperformed every other style we tested, including a luxury brand with a hefty price tag. In addition, they aced our stretch test and recovery tests — meaning the fabric won't roll down after many hours of wear — and held up well in both our snagging resistance and colorfastness tests. Plus, it more than impressed our consumer testers, who raved that the tights were not only comfortable but also easy to get on without any signs of snagging, ripping or sagging when they wore them.
“It held me in without being too constricting," says one tester. "It also did a great job lifting my rear end.” Others raved how comfortable the tights felt and said the fit was spot-on. Plus, one of our editors has had a pair for couple of years now!
Love the look of sheer transparent stockings but hate how your pairs never last past a few wears? Enter The Trending Products Universal Stretchable Stockings. The brand uses perfect combination of nylon and spandex, a fiber prized for its high tensile strength, great abrasion resistance and overall durable nature, to create some of the strongest tights we've ever tested. This pair received top scores for its comfortable yet durable feel. When we evaluated the seams and fabric in the Lab with our bursting strength tester, they outscored every pair of tights we've ever tested, so you can rest assured that you won't burst a hole in the toe when pulling them on.
 Pros Cons
Best value/ Value for Money ✖️Not thick or opaque
✔️Recover shape after stretching ✖️Not too many colour shades
✔️Great & Comfortable Fabric ✖️Limited availability
✔️Perfect Sheer Transparent Look
✔️High Waisted
Don't roll down easily
✔️Flattering appearance
✔️High comfort rating
✔️Favourite pick amongst testers
✔️Comfortable, waistband
✔️Smooth, Soft, luxurious feel

How we test Stockings?

✔️ Stretch & Recovery: We cut swatches from each pair of tights, marking them with a set measurement, and stretch each swatch before clamping in place for a few hours. We then unclamp the fabric, allowing it to rest first for a minute before recording any changes and then re-measure after an hour. This is done to mimic real life wear, simulating whether your tights will stretch out from long-term wear.

✔️ Dimensional Stability: To gauge washability and dimensional stability, each pair is washed according to its care label and measured for shrinkage or growth after the first wash and then again after multiple washes.

✔️ Snagging Resistance: In order to simulate more extreme conditions, we use a weighted tool with a rough snag-inducing surface and drag it from the bottom to the top of each side of the leg of a mannequin wearing a pair of tights. Any resulting snags are then scored according to standardized testing scales derived from industry standards.

✔️ Bursting Strength: Using our pneumatic bursting strength tester, we evaluate the front, back, crotch and toe seams to gauge how much pressure it takes to burst a hole in the fabric. If you've ever burst a hole along the crotch while stretching too far or on the toe seam when rushing to get your tights on, we test whether each pair is durable enough to avoid those situations.

✔️ Consumer Testing: Consumer testers wear and rate tights on several factors including but not limited to how easy it is to put them on or take them off, the fit, the sizing, overall comfort, appearance, whether they look flattering, if the waistband stays in place throughout wear, if they maintained a comfortable temperature while wearing them and if they encountered any pilling, snagging, tears, runs, sags or stretching. Testers also share more information on how they styled the tights, how the pair stacks up to other tights they've worn, whether or not they would continue to wear them and any general likes or dislikes.

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