I Put A Pair Of The Trending Product's Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings Pantyhose To The Test — Here’s My Review

We've all been there: It's a chilly 20 degrees, too warm for heavy layers but too chilly to bare your legs. In other words, the perfect day to get a pair of Stockings, the transitional weather warrior.

You grab a recently bought pair of sheer Stockings, slip them on and head into the world. You're outside for approximately two seconds when you walk a little too close to some spiky hedges and your once intact pair of stockings is officially teared. The dread. The horror. You are now forced to take them off and shiver for the rest of the day or suck it up and hope the one rip comes off as "edgy" at best.

Then rinse and repeat the next day with another pair of stockings that are sure to suffer the same fate. We all know this feeling all too well, but what if this unfortunate series of events could be avoided forever?

Enter The Trending Products, an intimates brand dedicated to fixing this exact issue with their Universal stretchable, tougher anti-tear, seemingly the best stockings available in market.

According to the site, the TTP's Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stocking Pantyhose (the brand's most popular and bestselling style) are constructed with their perfect combination of fabrics, that utilizes one of the world's strongest polymers. The Trending Products is taking the hosiery world by storm and shaking up our preconceived notions about what our clothing is capable of taking on.

Universal Stretch Anti-Scratch Transparent Stockings BUY 1 PAIR GET 1 PAIR FREE

"As soon as the stockings arrived, I opened up a package. I proceeded to slip on my pair of the Universal stretchable anti-tear stockings pantyhose, which I got in a universal size for up to 6XL. I've tried on multiple occasions which makes it comfortable to wear even after a super long period of time.  They went on really well and seemed to have a little bit more compression but still very comfortable and breathable than other pairs of everyday sheer stockings I've worn.
The stockings honestly look pretty much like exactly what you'd expect from sheer stockings. I pressed forward. I started off by scratching the stockings with my nails to see if I could cause any snagging or pulling of thread. I really went for it, and I scratched up a storm. My attempts failed as the stockings held up. My nails were due for a trim too, but still nothing. Then I proceeded to try my best to grab a strong grip of the stockings and pulled and tugged them with a sufficient amount of force and lo and behold still no damage. These stockings are simply built differently than anything I have been used to up until now.
"As for wearability, I spent many hours in the stockings and even fell asleep in them after a long day. They're very comfortable and flexible so moving around in them was effortless. The stocking also went on with ease. I am wearing the largest size, so I'd love to see the brand grow more and let people enjoy these  Universal stretchable anti-tear stockings pantyhose." - Associate writer
"Who doesn’t love a sheer black stockings pantyhose? After years of going through what can only be described as practically single-use, I splurged on a pair of universal stretchable Stockings after seeing them on Instagram. I’ve owned my pairs (one a sheer black and the other a sheer skin stocking) for a little over a year now and they’re just as sturdy as when I first got them, and I truly couldn’t rip them if I tried…which I have attempted to do.
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