I Tried 'The Trending Products Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings to See If They're Worth the Price

Now that temperatures are cooling, it's time to add stockings back into your wardrobe. I’ve always loved how tights, stockings, and pantyhose help transition skirts and dresses from summer to autumn months.

For those who are still braving heels, they make those more comfortable, too. One thing I don’t love, though, is how easily stockings and pantyhose tear, sometimes after just one wear. Given their cost — a good pair of hose can cost, I want them to last a long time.

So, is there a solution? Read on to find out about the latest innovations in hosiery, plus what you can do to preserve the stockings you already have.

What makes "The Trending Products Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings" worth the price?

It’s tempting to buy a cheap pair of Stocking, pantyhose — I’ve done it several times myself. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. None of the more expensive hosiery I own has ripped, while many of my cheap ones have. Paying for a pair of tights or pantyhose may seem crazy — until you realize that the longer you own and wear them, the lower your cost-per-wear becomes. The longer they last, the cheaper your cost-per-wear becomes. Ultimately, the hose that cost the most up-front, cost the least in the long run. Also, fancier stockings also just feel better because they're softer and sag less around the knees.

I recently bought a pair of The Trending Products Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings on sale, and while I’m happy with them so far — they’re comfortable and don’t feel flimsy like many other stockings I own — I can’t help but wonder if TTP's claims of indestructibility are too good to be true. The Trending Products add polyethylene, to their nylon-spandex blend. My TTP universal stockings have already lasted longer than others I’ve ever had.


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