I wore The Trending Product's Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings every day for a month!

What are TTP Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings?

They are uniquely-made stockings, designed to be more durable than any other stockings on the planet. They are made from the perfect combination of fabrics making it so strong, comfortable & breathable.

The range includes both sheer summer and winter stocking pantyhose, across universal sizes suitable from XS to 6XL.

Are The Trending Products Stockings worth it? 

The prices currently range from 890/- Rs, which is fairly affordable for such amazing product, and also as they are offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE currently, which makes it absolutely a stead deal. I decided the only way to find out if they are actually as durable as they claim was to wear them a considerable amount. So for one month, I wore TTP universal stockings every day.

First impressions: 

When they arrived, the packaging was transparent, and we can clearly see the products and not to worry of any scam or frauds. It was simple & classy with a Thank you note. When I first took them out of the packaging, I could feel from the weight and texture of the material that these were different from other tights I’ve bought. Pulling them with my fingers, they felt firmer and way more stretchy than other stockings I’ve bought in the past. 

When I pulled them onto my legs for the first time, I was initially worried that they might be uncomfortable, but they generously stretched over my thighs and accommodated my belly very comfortably.

Wearing them every day for a month.

My daily routine involves a mixture of working from home, going into the office in gurgaon by metro and autos, visiting friends, taking my son to activities, and outdoor walks to the park. 

I only had one pair, which meant I had to wash them each evening. Luckily they are super fast drying and were always completely dry enough to put on in the morning. I’m pleased to say that the repeated washing, even though I was wringing the tights out quite vigorously into a towel, did not lead to any loss of shape or fading of the deep black colour.

Fashion-wise, they went with almost anything - dresses and skirts all paired well with them. I often wear stockings rather than legging as these looks so classy and makes me feel way more confident, as these stockings were transparent it was a very smarter look.

The biggest tests.

Repeated pulling on and off

Simply putting the stockings on each morning felt like it might be one of the major tests the tights would have to endure. I’m not the most coordinated of humans - I’m always getting dressed in a bit of a hurry, often while a toddler runs around me, pulling anything he can reach off the surfaces, and my nails have not seen an emery board for months. I also wear a diamond engagement ring which has definitely been the prime culprit in ending other stockings.
However, day after day, I was able to pull them up with increasing confidence that they could withstand my jerky, ragged-nailed tugging.


The Trending Products Universal Stockings performed completely as promised, with great visible change from when I first put them on. They haven’t sagged or become looser even after using daily for a month.

If you wear stockings often, these are a great investment. 


I was impressed with how soft they have managed to make them. I’m due to have a baby in July and I was worried that my growing baby bump would mean I would have to quit the challenge. However the stockings pull up quite comfortably over my bump at this point.  I quite happily wear them all day.

So… are the trending products universal stockings worth it? 

For me, who wears stockings a lot, these stockings are worth the upfront cost. From the performance I’ve seen over the last month, they have already outlived many cheaper pairs of stockings that I’ve bought in the past.

Value for money is just one element though - it’s also important to consider that buying longer-lasting products is the best thing you can do for the planet. If at all possible, try to buy once and buy well. These stockings will help you do that.

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