We Tested The Trending Product's 'Universal Stretchable Anti-Tear Stockings' & Here Are The Results

There's nothing more annoying than tights ripping as soon as you put them on.

Enter The Trending Products. TTP is a proudly India based company making their way to the global markets, that sells "Universal Stretchable Anti-tear Stockings pantyhose" that meant to last forever. The company uses the unique type of fabric combination that makes it universal stretchable and perfect combination of stretch and compression making it comfortable and breathable.

A pair of the Universal Stretchable Anti-Tear Stockings are regularly 890/-Rs which seems steep but keep in mind these are virtually unbreakable and you'll never have to buy replacements ever again.

Lucky for you, the company launched an BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Offer and all items are up to 50% off! Now those Universal stretchable anti-tear stocking pantyhose are just 890/-Rs for a pair that makes it to just 445/- Rs Per stocking.

Today, you can get the TTP Universal Stretchable Anti-Tear Stockings  on sale with BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Offer and score free shipping plus a free gift with your order, while you pay online.

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